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The whole Emoni thing is timed really poorly if I'm honest. I was somewhat concerned about his maturity in addition to his health for a while. In a sense I think it's good for him that this happened. He's well off enough that I doubt that these charges ruin his life like they do for so many less fortunate people in this country, so this could just function as a wake up call. When you're being projected to be a potential hall of famer at 15, the fame can destroy you if you're not ready. I think that part of the criticism goes towards his father and the other folks in his circle who fed (and profited off of) the hype machine, and Emoni's ego instead of letting him just be a normal teenager. Emoni needs to get some blame too, but I don't see how someone living the life he's had for the last 4-5 years is going to not be somewhat screwed up by it. I thought Stan Heath was the right guy for him to join up with though. Heath could give him structure, tell him "no" when he needs to hear it, get him to the NBA, and get his dad to let go. The only issue is that this wasn't ever going to happen because the narrative was that we needed him (Bates) more than he needed us. Someone in Ypsi needed to tell him "no" and it shouldn't have been the police.

The whole Herm situation was one that is hardly a surprise. He coached like a guy who's just showing up to collect a paycheck, and he already had a significant chunk of the fanbase turned against him. Leadership didn't want to fire him until they realized there'd be a revolt if they didn't. The cellar dwellers of the P5 are in the most precarious position in College Football right now (especially in the PAC12). If ASU or Nebraska didn't make these changes, who knows how much money they'd miss out on.

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