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Nov 10, 2022Liked by Alex Alvarado

We had the best chance to catch the Rockets when we played them sans Finn. He and Kurtis Rourke are kaiju out there and having that Godzilla v King Kong matchup in Detroit is good for the conference. I think Austin Smith has the potential to get on that level, which is why I was happy to see him start last night (and why he should've started against Toledo). The biggest hinderance to his development might be Creighton's micromanagement of the QB situation and the offense as a whole. The wearing of all those hats means there's only so much time he can allot to any one of those jobs. Smith doesn't need to put this team on his back. He's got weapons galore, an experienced OL , and a defense that's playing complementary football for the first time in years. All he has to do is keep the ball, and keep it moving forward. Double QBing the Toledo game might've cost us a MAC West title, and that's one of many reasons the best thing for everyone involved is to stick with Smith, and hire some more assistants in the offseason. In the meantime a Michigan MAC Trophy would look real nice in the case.

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