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Well that could've been worse. The defense got punched in the mouth, but they kept everything in front of them and put there feet in the ground in the red zone. Hoping that they'll be a bit more aggressive against the run going forward because there's certainly enough talent in the secondary to do so. The offense had no chance, but that's what happens in these games where they're outmatched in the trenches. Hoping Austin Smith plays with a little more confidence going forward, and that the coaches adapt strategy to play to the strengths of who they've got this year, as opposed to who they had last year. This could've been one of those games that obliterates a team's confidence and exposes critical flaws that'll be present for the rest of the year, but I don't think it was. Minnesota didn't even pull most of their starters, and certainly didn't feel like they could practice passing after establishing the run (although that's probably just a choice by Fleck).

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