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I was curious to see how much Samson Evans' production would be impacted by the diminished run threat at QB, looked like there wasn't much of a drop off (3rd best single game total of the year) as I would've expected. I think that we're running the offense Creighton wants to run, and it's working. Darius Lassiter seems to be emerging as the X receiver we've been looking for post Arthur Jackson III, and Gunner Oakes has added another option in the short passing game off play action. The defense is doing a good job of keeping things in front of the back 7. Jose Ramirez is the best pass rusher we've had since Crosby, and the fact that he got to hunt this week was fun to watch. My only lingering concern is the quality of the coaches we beat. I know there's question marks around our ability to sustain success from game to game, but Creighton knows that. This win was formulaic, and winning this way is sustainable. Control the ball, control the clock, be efficient in the red zone, make the other team play catch up and they will make mistakes.

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