I've got some Roster Predictions based off this:

Knue gets the 2

Hamze El-Zayet will be a solid Hassan Beydoun replacement

Conti and Rewolinski will still be the left side at the end of the year (maybe Mayo peaked too early?)

Paaske will turn some heads as a big target in the middle of the field (and we'll have to deal with announcers yammering about how he's from Denmark)

The defense is going to be better against the run than last year continuing their improvement that started last year

Some opponent will try to fight Price

Kline, Scandrett, Shine, Scott, Price, Dooley, Knue, Evans, Jaylon (as a return man), Tomasek, and Gomez will be in the All MAC conversation

Austin Smith will be a top half of the MAC QB and lock up the starting job for 23 and 24 (knock on wood he's still here).

If half these are right I'll be happy.

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Do you think there will be someone under the radar who may surprise some people?

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