About Y11

Hi! My name’s Alex Alvarado and I’m the publisher of The Ypsilanti Eleven — Ypsilanti’s college football newsletter.

If you’re unfamiliar with my work, let me give you some quick credentials: I’m an EMU alum and I’ve covered the school and the MAC at The Eastern Echo as a student reporter then (and mostly) at HustleBelt.com as I moved up to be the site’s managing editor, all from 2012-2016. I continued blogging some time after I left Hustle Belt, then eventually launched The Ypsilanti Eleven in 2020.

In 2022, I moved from Auburn Hills to Ypsilanti for many reasons, but one of the perks is that it allows me to spend a lot more time covering two of my favorite things: Ypsilanti and football (hence: Ypsi 11).

Important to note: I do not consider myself a journalist in this role. I write to inform and entertain to the best of my ability and my writing life gives me access and insight your run-of-the-mill sports blogs won’t provide you. I’m not in the business of breaking news, I’m here to write.

Y11 is local, independently run, and is the only sports media hub with this much content and coverage dedicated to Eastern Michigan. This newsletter offers both free and subscriber-only posts. All subscriptions will help pay for the year-round labor and improvements required to make this your favorite place to read and discuss EMU and MACtion.

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