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Y11 Audio: The Ebbs and Flows of Week 1

Y11 Audio: The Ebbs and Flows of Week 1

Notes and parting thoughts from Eastern Michigan's season opener.


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Welcome to another episode of Y11 Audio! This is Ypsilanti’s college football show and the official podcast of

The final score from Week 1: Eastern Michigan 33, Howard 23.

Eastern Michigan’s special teams units, highlighted by Hamze El-Zayat’s 96-yard and Jaylon Jackson’s 84-yard touchdowns, really stole the show early on. That’s one of those things that doesn’t happen by accident, and that’s a really good warning sign for everybody else to seriously think hard about what you’re going to do on kickoffs and punts.

Not all of EMU’s starters and key contributors suited up for the game, but that shouldn’t totally explain this stat line: Howard’s explosive play rate on offense was 10% while EMU’s was 2%.

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