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Y11 Audio: Step on Up (Or Move on Down?)

Y11 Audio: Step on Up (Or Move on Down?)

UMass fans are divided on the move to the MAC, but MAC-first football fans ought to be happy with the addition.


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Welcome to another episode of Y11 Audio! This is Ypsilanti’s college football show and the official podcast of It’s another Saturdays w/ Coffin episode since he was free.

(5:43) UMass is officially back in the MAC, beginning next year. This is this as much of a win for college football as much of this as a loss for college basketball?

(19:28) Can the MAC reach 14 schools with an expansion with Western Kentucky? Any ideas for potential 14th and 15ths?

(50:00) The video game’s coming back. We — Alex and Justin — haven’t talked about that together yet. Are we going to be too old to spend much time playing it though?

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