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Y11 Audio: Louisiana 49, Eastern Michigan 21

Y11 Audio: Louisiana 49, Eastern Michigan 21

Reactions to EMU's Week 2 road loss to Louisiana, and five big takeaways from the game.


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Game 2 final: Eastern Michigan fell to Louisiana 49-21 on the road Saturday night.

It wasn’t an ideal showing, even if EMU made improvements on how it started the ball game. The Eagles led the Cajuns 14-0 at the half, but the home squad gained some well-needed confidence and scored seven-straight touchdowns to gas EMU.

My 5 big takeaways from the loss:

  1. Confidence really, really matters in this sport.

  2. Teams gain confidence by scoring touchdowns.

  3. Teams lose confidence when opponents take advantage of certain situations.

  4. Hopefully, this was Taylor Powell’s worst game of the year.

  5. The defense still didn’t have the kind of day, pressure-wise, as it would’ve liked to have had.

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