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Y11 Audio: Is Togetherness a Biggest Strength?

Y11 Audio: Is Togetherness a Biggest Strength?

"True seniors", and other strengths around the MAC.


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Welcome to another episode of Y11 Audio! This is Ypsilanti’s college football show and the official podcast of It’s another Saturdays w/ Coffin episode since he was free.

(3:47) The MAC’s True Seniors list was finally published this week, so we take a look at how many guys from each roster got on the field as true freshmen, never took a redshirt year, and are going to finish up with their original squad. The goal wasn’t to directly compete with ESPN’s returning production percentage numbers, but it’s another way to view your MAC teams during the spring ball.

(13:54) What’s every MAC team’s biggest strength right now?

(34:42) The playoff expansion model to 12-teams — a version that we’ll never get to see before it even begins even though there were months of heartache over it — is changing its look. No more (not that it ever got to properly begin with) 6 highest-ranked conference champions and 6-highest ranked otherwise schools, it’s now 5 conference winners + 7 automatic qualifiers. But who cares, because now we’re being told to gear up for another round of conversations about jumping to 14 or 16-team playoffs.

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