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Y11 Audio: Hitting the Reset Button

Y11 Audio: Hitting the Reset Button

And on hoping that this year's update is worth the wait.


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Welcome to another episode of Y11 Audio! This is Ypsilanti’s college football show and the official podcast of

It’s spring for some, still winter for others. Let’s hit the reset button, figuratively and literally.

(5:38) Looking forward to the spring means grappling with what got EMU to its current point. This team basically signed two signing classes in one — hopefully that covers for how poorly last season finished. It certainly was not the kind of season a lot of people expected to see, considering how fun of a roller coaster ride 2022 ended up being.

(19:24) The video game: College Football 2025. I cannot wait for it and I’m really excited to be the all-time winningest coach at every school I end up at in my quest to beat Nick Saban. I also can’t wait to start real-life rivalries again with my buddies.

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