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Y11 Audio: EMU at Michigan in 2027 and 2030, still not sold on a G5 playoff

Y11 Audio: EMU at Michigan in 2027 and 2030, still not sold on a G5 playoff

Also, QB Jeremiah Salem finally gets his scholarship.


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Welcome to another episode of Y11 Audio! This is Ypsilanti’s college football show and the official podcast of It’s another Saturdays w/ Coffin episode, here’s the rundown:

(0:17) Introduction; QB Jeremiah Salem was placed on scholarship after being a walk-on with the team for two years. Let’s talk about the QB room again!

(9:36) Missouri State is making the FCS-to-FBS jump, joining Conference USA in 2025. There aren’t a lot of schools that I, Alex, would want to make the FCS-to-MACtion jump, but Missouri State was one of those schools on my personal shortlist.

(21:11) EMU and Michigan have agreed to a pair of games played at the Big House in 2027 and 2030. Let’s stick with the quarterback angle for a second. Is there anybody worth mentioning for these games that we haven’t discussed already?

(28:26) Northern Illinois AD Sean Frazier expresses his opinion on how to fix the MAC level of college football. It’s not a very original idea. He wants a separate “NIT-style” bracket for Group of 5 schools in addition to the ultimate prize that other teams will be playing for with tons and tons of more viewership. I’m just continually not sold that any of this will really fix anything, and any G5 team competing in these kinds of meaningful games will very likely just end up seeing their best players transfer out and their best coaches take new jobs anyway. That’s just one man’s opinion though.

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