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Y11 Audio: 2023 EMU Football Roster Readthrough

Y11 Audio: 2023 EMU Football Roster Readthrough

What's this team looking like now that all of the major roster changes have been made?


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Welcome to another episode of Y11 Audio!

Sorry it’s been so long. I lied to myself saying I’d do two podcast episodes here per week during the season, and that’s a lie I had to drop very early on.

Now, expect things to happen once every two weeks on this feed.

After the best season this program’s had since 1987, I want to take this time to look back a little bit on the season that was, then spend a lot of time looking at the roster Eastern Michigan currently has with a week until the second signing period (and months from the second transfer window opening).

Speaking of new roster additions: Scott Ariganello makes his debut with The Ypsilanti Eleven. He’ll write about football for the site. More on that later.

Also, Justin Coffin of Hustle Belt and MAC Football Pod fame hopped on to help me grade the seasons that each MAC team had in 2022.

Topics, agenda:

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