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Y11 Audio: The 2023 MAC East Preview (with Justin Coffin)

Y11 Audio: The 2023 MAC East Preview (with Justin Coffin)

Will Ohio's offense break some conference records in 2023? Or could Miami or Buffalo (or even Akron?) be a splash of cold water to Kurtis Rourke's reign of success?


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Welcome to another episode of Y11 Audio! This is Ypsilanti’s college football show and the official podcast of

The 2023 college football season is only weeks away, so let’s focus on each of the divisional races within the MAC.

To help break down the MAC East race is Justin Coffin, formerly of Hustle Belt and Free on Saturday blogs, currently with MAC Football Pod (I should probably say that I’m also on that podcast.)

Kent State (9:45) doesn’t have a single starter returning to its offense, so it will take a lot for Kenni Burns to pick up his first career win.

Under second-year head coach Joe Moorhead, Akron (15:30) is a squad that we really want to be optimistic for. It helps when Akron has such a talented QB on its side, too.

Sure Buffalo (22:57) put up a 50 burger at Rynearson last year, but how much should the Bulls be feared heading into 2023? I’m confident the Bulls will be tough as nails, but I don’t know how it’ll string together wins in the second half of its MAC slate.

Bowling Green (27:22) is a liar and I have no idea what to expect from the team this year. How many marginal improvements does BG really want to stay happy with?

Last year’s darling team is no secret this year. Ohio (34:37) has maybe the best offense in the MAC coming back, and Kurtis Rourke’s bound to be a legit superstar in G5 football.

Miami (40:17) has been as consistent as you can ask for, but now it has the best formula a MAC team can ask for: a 4th-year starting quarterback with a 10th-year, defensive-minded head coach. If Brett Gabbert stays healthy, Miami has the chance to have a monster season.

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